How to hack your bell schedule, how to blow it up

The world has evolved since the 1950s and so should our bell schedules.

We are no longer preparing students to be factory workers and simply pass the US Citizenship test. It’s inequitable and often times racist to only “offer” interesting and rigorous courses to some students. It’s time to say goodbye to the boring, robotic 6-period daily schedule.

Buh bye bland bell schedules.

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Are you wasting money? 5 ways to maximize your school budget

It’s officially budget season and that comes with tons of excitement, planning, and some worries. Master schedule, hiring, prep periods, non-personnel supplies oh my.

You have to make those dollars stretch like Mr. Fantastic.

But, slow down speed racer.

If equity is your mission and social justice your vision, consider this:

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School transformation starts with bright spots

Instead of focusing on what is not going well, we must search for examples of success, highlight them, and analyze what makes them work.

This is especially true when we are challenging systemic oppression.

In the world of public education, we’ve been trained to prepare kids for college and careers, using minimal resources. After years of pounding our heads against the wall, the days seem to be getting darker and it feels like winter is always coming. But there’s hope.

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Questions that keep me up at night

Great leaders are constantly reflecting on their practice and assessing progress towards social justice. We place so much pressure on ourselves to reach outcomes, to fight injustice, and to challenge the status quo. This is the work of a critical pedagogue. We want to make sure that we are not another cog in the wheel of social reproduction.

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12 secrets for moving from Teacher to Leader

True leadership is distributed across a school and inclusive. This requires teacher leaders. It’s time to get involved, take initiative, apply for positions, and plan PD. Not everyone wants to be a school administrator, but students need leaders for equity in all spaces. Whether you want to apply to an admin program or you want to have more influence in the transformation of your school, here are 11 things Teachers and Counselors can do:

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