I’m Writing a Book – Reflections

Sorry folks, I know I’ve been slipping recently on new content. That’s because I’m writing a chapter in a book. Damn! Taking forever and a day, but I’m loving it more and more each time I sit down. Updates coming soon.

Some Reflections

    This is much harder than I thought
    Damn, I love writing narratives and vignettes, love telling stories even more, almost enough to write a novel
    This process is crystallizing my thinking and helps me present
    Feels like I could write a book, one day.
    As I research, I see there are a lot of books about leadership, race, OR school transformation. There needs to be one that connects all of this. Hmmm
    Revisions are hard, but they make it better


The plan is submit to our publisher, Rowman & Littlefield next week. Then we will get feedback, and revise until December 2019. The book should drop in early 2020. Until then, I’m writing and revising.

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