How to win the war and transform your school – Book Review- Transforming School Culture

There’s a war waging. Bullets are flying, bombs are bursting, and the kids are the casualties. School Leaders are on the frontlines. The battle is for school culture, and ultimately the future of our students.

The opposition has been winning since John Dewey had his one-room schoolhouse. But, there is a way to tip the scale. You just have to know who’s in the platoon and which weapons are at your disposal.

Do you want to win the war?

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Creating Powerful Moments in Schools – Book Review – The Power of Moments

There are roughly 2,300 days of school throughout our K-12 education.2,300! We all can think of at least one moment that was extraordinary in our schooling experience. That chemistry project where you built an ecstasy molecule with toothpicks and foam balls. Your field trip to Lake Tahoe. And, the teacher who told you that you were ‘destined for greatness’. And, the crew of friends that made you feel invincible.  Or, that plaque you got in summer camp, back in 1993.

These are moments that matter, that stand out, and we will never forget them. The problem is that there are not enough of these moments, during our 2300 days of school. And our students are slowly being pushed out, checking out, and dropping out of school. But, it is possible to create these moments for our students and staff.

But how do we engineer them?

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Summer Reading for School Leaders to Level Up

Reading is fundamental to growth and leadership development. But it does matter what you read. If you pick the right books, make some plans to implement some of it, and connect with someone, you can level up your leadership. (I previously featured 10 books to breakthrough) But there’s always more books!

Summer was made for relaxation but there is no time more open for learning and reflection. Free from IEP meetings, compliance paperwork, and evaluations. You have nothing but space and opportunity.

So bust a move and read something!

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6 Habits of Highly Innovative Schools

We usually think of change as big, overwhelming, and insurmountable. This might be the addition of graduation portfolios, raising reading scores, or addressing Social Emotional Learning standards. This feels more than you have time, energy, or resources for. So why try? Because change can start small.

Very small.

You just have to break it down.

Into habits.

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School transformation starts with bright spots

Instead of focusing on what is not going well, we must search for examples of success, highlight them, and analyze what makes them work.

This is especially true when we are challenging systemic oppression.

In the world of public education, we’ve been trained to prepare kids for college and careers, using minimal resources. After years of pounding our heads against the wall, the days seem to be getting darker and it feels like winter is always coming. But there’s hope.

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