7 Summer Conferences for Equity Leaders, that are better than vacay

Summer is coming. Thank the stars. Time is precious and we NEED to recharge during the summer, but it’s also a great time to reflect. It’s tempting to just unplug, but you could do a lil bit more.

If we are going to build new muscles and flex on the status quo, we need to grow. Leaders lead by modeling lifelonglearning. That is what we want our teachers to do as well.  But, there’s little time and so many options.

Why is it worth it and how do you choose?

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6 Habits of Highly Innovative Schools – Book Review – The Power of Habit

We usually think of change as big, overwhelming, and insurmountable. This might be the addition of graduation portfolios, raising reading scores, or addressing Social Emotional Learning standards. This feels more than you have time, energy, or resources for. So why try? Because change can start small.

Very small.

You just have to break it down.

Into habits.

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School transformation starts with bright spots

Instead of focusing on what is not going well, we must search for examples of success, highlight them, and analyze what makes them work.

This is especially true when we are challenging systemic oppression.

In the world of public education, we’ve been trained to prepare kids for college and careers, using minimal resources. After years of pounding our heads against the wall, the days seem to be getting darker and it feels like winter is always coming. But there’s hope.

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12 secrets for moving from Teacher to Leader

True leadership is distributed across a school and inclusive. This requires teacher leaders. It’s time to get involved, take initiative, apply for positions, and plan PD. Not everyone wants to be a school administrator, but students need leaders for equity in all spaces. Whether you want to apply to an admin program or you want to have more influence in the transformation of your school, here are 11 things Teachers and Counselors can do:

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