10 things on every Equity Leader’s End of Year Checklist

The year is nearly done, or it already is for some lucky souls. Graduations, book collection, and classroom deep cleaning. But what about the equity? What should you do at the end of the school year, to make sure the equity officers don’t arrest you?

Seriously, what’s on the checklist of every leader trying to lead for equity? 

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7 Summer Conferences for Equity Leaders, that are better than vacay

Summer is coming. Thank the stars. Time is precious and we NEED to recharge during the summer, but it’s also a great time to reflect. It’s tempting to just unplug, but you could do a lil bit more.

If we are going to build new muscles and flex on the status quo, we need to grow. Leaders lead by modeling lifelonglearning. That is what we want our teachers to do as well.  But, there’s little time and so many options.

Why is it worth it and how do you choose?

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Interrupting patterns of participation in staff meetings

You want to disruptpatriarchy and white supremacy in the curriculum and in our learning outcomes. But, these patterns of oppression start in our adult interactions, and boy does it show up in meetings. Although difficult, it is possible to take action with some critical reading, radical norms, and the use of process checks.

In order to change outcomes, your staff needs to talk about teaching and learning in different ways. This requires new mindsets, tools, and ways of being.

Many times, white male staff feel very comfortable speaking up, speaking first, and filling the time. Sometimes, this gets disguised as “the voice of experience” because many staff of color tends to be younger, newer to teaching, and more transient in large urban school districts. But, the result is that people of color and women are often quieted and marginalized.


It’s time to turn up the volume. But how?

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5 interview questions to find equity warriors

It’s hiring season in schools and getting the right people on the bus is a leader’s most important task.

All aboard.

But first, you have to ask the right questions.

Nowadays, with lower salaries, a lack of national respect for education, and the increasing difficulty of the job, it is HARD to find good folks. Therefore, we have to make the best decision. And, the fate of humanityrests on you being able to find the best people.

So, how in the name of Paulo Freire, do you find them?

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Can white leaders be culturally responsive?

Our identity has an incredible effect on our ability to make a change in schools. Whether you are a person of color or a white person, understanding of your culture, ethnicity, and race matters.  A lack of understanding creates intentional and unintentional harm. It can be a limiting factor and contribute to institutional oppression. In the meantime, students are failing and being pushed out of schools.  But, identity can also be a source of power.

It can be a tool, used to engineer for equity. How can you start building?

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Share your equity purpose with these 5 prompts

An equity-focused purpose can be a source of power to create urgency, build momentum, and transform your school. It can also build community. Leaders who know their purpose and know when to share it can inspire change, through tapping into our emotional core.

We show up to work every day and fulfill the duties of our job. The work, if you are in urban or inner city schools, is especially challenging. We work long hours, deal with setbacks, and keep pushing. But why?

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Are you wasting money? 5 ways to maximize your school budget

It’s officially budget season and that comes with tons of excitement, planning, and some worries. Master schedule, hiring, prep periods, non-personnel supplies oh my.

You have to make those dollars stretch like Mr. Fantastic.

But, slow down speed racer.

If equity is your mission and social justice your vision, consider this:

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Questions that keep me up at night

Great leaders are constantly reflecting on their practice and assessing progress towards social justice. We place so much pressure on ourselves to reach outcomes, to fight injustice, and to challenge the status quo. This is the work of a critical pedagogue. We want to make sure that we are not another cog in the wheel of social reproduction.

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