Deeper Learning 2019 Workshop Resources – #PBLintheHood

Happy Spring Break culturally responsive leaders and welcome participants of DL2019. Here you’ll find resources and links to all materials, for my workshop, “But how do we bring PBL to the Hood, too?”  You will also get access to my slides, agenda, and backlinks to other material.

Workshop Resources

Outcomes for the Workshop

  1. Make white supremacy culture in our organizations/classrooms more visible
  2. Connect implicit bias to resistance to leading students of color in deeper learning
  3. Find ways to infuse culturally responsive teaching, critical pedagogy, and reality pedagogy into deeper learning


Pre-Reading (or Post Reading)

  1. Intro to PBL by Cult of Pedagogy
  2. Overview of White Supremacy Culture in Schools
  3. Reflections on exploring White Supremacy Culture at my school
  4. The intersection between Culturally Responsive Teaching and PBL
  5. How Implicit Bias makes people resistant to leading PBL with students of color




Future Commitments and Comments

Embed twitter feed for #PBLintheHood

Respond to questions:

  1. What are you committing to do, now?
  2. What does bringing PBL to the Hood mean to you?
  3. What are your questions?
  4. Where can folks look for support?
  5. What resources do you need?


Extending This Work

Let’s connect on twitter via #PBLintheHood

I will be doing a blog series focused on “Bringing PBL to the Hood”, via Medium/Heinemann or EdWeek

I am collaborating to produce a book, entitled “Leading in the Belly of the Beast”


Workshop Backstory

My First Conference Invitation

I’ll be honest. I was sitting at work a few weeks ago, opened my inbox, and I was pleasantly surprised to find an email from folks at High Tech High. It always feels good to be appreciated, but I was still a little thrown back. I thought, you WANT me, to come down and talk about white supremacy culture to a bunch of white folks? You know that my critique is that we aren’t talking enough about it, right? Ok, you read my blog and it didn’t cause you to throw up the great wall of White Fragility? I don’t have to force it? I’m so intrigued. I have been asked to speak on topics of cultural relevancy, social justice, etc, usually in a presentation or a panel, but never at a full-fledged conference. Dope.

So, I Said Yes

Chilling during spring break, I get to reflect on what I’ve been a part of the last 14 years in education. This workshop sits at the intersection of so many of my passion areas, inquiries, and experiences: deeper learning, project-based learning, racial equity work, mindset, culturally responsive teaching, adult culture, and design thinking. PBL and Deeper Learning are not the be all and end all, but they provide the opportunity to do so much, if done RIGHT. I end up focusing on these topics in my writing, presentations, and leadership. Also, I realize that when you say yes to opportunities, your life takes a turn that you didn’t see coming. That’s the best part. Let’s see where this goes.

Funny aside. I was apart of the early convening of folks before the term deeper learning was coined. I was working with Envision Schools and invited to go down what I learned to be called the Hewlett Foundation. They convened the heavy hitters, Envision, Big Picture, Expeditionary, and some other folks to talk about “deeper learning.” Chip Heath was there talking about what would be called Made to Stick. Small worlds collide! Crazy. And now these organizations are huge and growing. I remember I was there talking about cultural relevance and equity. They weren’t tryin to hear me though. Looks like now they are, trying to hear me, but are they willing to do it? That’s for another blog or book.

Post Workshop Reflections

People are Hungry

I mean I knew that people were interested in this topic but I didn’t know how interested. I arrived at my session 15 minutes early, thinking I would a few minutes to prep. Man, I nearly walked past the room, thinking it was the wrong room and a session was going. It was my room and people were there early, talking, reading documents. GTFO. Ok, this is how we are starting. People hungry. People present. My people. Let’s go.

Telling my story

It went well. I definitely felt like I did too much talk, but how else do I tell my story? As I spend more time in schools, my story is getting longer, and my upbringing is connecting so much more to my present story. That’s dope. The more I write and present at Whtie Supremacy Culture, the more I see that it was the framework I was searching for to break this shit down. But it’s not about one framework, but connecting so many other frameworks and making meaning. Random thought, what if I tell my story, next time using the tenets of WSC? Hmmm.

I over planned

Yo, so I only got through like 30%-40% of my slides and agenda. Not the first time. But that tells me where to go deeper the next time I take up this work. More details on what led me to WSC and why I took it up. What I learned? Where we started and why? What was the response? I had a 10 minute chunk of time for folks to action plan. What was I thinking. We needed to chew first before we could swallow and apply. (Thanks Zaretta for that wisdom). So we went slower. There was so much good conversation.

Intersections of so many groups

It was dope to see folks from so many past spaces and new folks. An Admin from Independence High, a teacher from Denman in SFUSD, and teacher from CAT in SF, The folks from Bulldog Tech in San Jose, and lots of new faces. Outside of my session I got to connect with New Tech, Envision, Elmhurst, Community Prep, and new homies from High Tech High.

Birth of a Day Long Training

Given that I only go through 1/3 of my content and have more that I didn’t even plan, I would love to lead a group of educators through a full day session.

What might it entail?

  • Building community (need that)
  • Revisiting our deeper why (need to remember our purpose)
  • Sharing stories of where we have all gotten stuck (this is where the learning happens)
  • Reading and unpacking a few texts (plenty of those and need more time)
  • Practicing equity framing (you gotta practice spittin it)
  • Practicing redirection (you got practice checking folks)
  • Review of literature and trainings (plenty of those)
  • Action planning (we do need some changes right?)

Here are the details!


Final Thoughts

Educators want to do this work and leaders want to lead it. But we are stuck on where to get started, how to get started, and how to navigate the pitfalls.


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