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I am offering a full day of training for educators, looking to go deeper than diversity
and eradicate White Supremacy Culture in our education system. (more info here)


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  • Shane Safir
    Listening Leader Interview
  • Rachel Rosen
    Courageous Leadership

Previous Workshops & Presentations

  • SFUSD Middle Grades Retreat – “Leading for Equity: Anti-Racism, White Supremacy Culture, and Me”
  • Culturally Responsive Leadership – Year-long Learning Academy for SFUSD Administrators (related blog post)
  • Social Justice Leadership – Week long guest lecture at UC Berkeley’s Principal Leadership Institute (related blog post)
  • “PBL in the HOOD” Workshop at Deeper Learning 2019 Conference (description here)
  • Equity Leadership – Monthly Sessions with SFUSD Superintendent’s Leadership Fellows
  • Leading Culturally Responsive Teaching at Your School – Monthly Sessions
  • Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools Summer 2019 Workshop

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching, Social Justice, and Project Based Learning at NTAC 2019

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