Facebook Live Interview – What is Culturally Responsive Leadership?

This week I was lucky enough to talk about my thoughts on Culturally Responsive Leadership in an interview with Rachel Rosen. It was recorded live and uncut. We discussed PBL, equity, and finding the bright spots. Find out what I’d like to build a pile of and set on on fire. If you’d like a glimpse into my mind check out the full interview!

Video Interview

We talked about:

Reflections on the Interview

I have spent so much time thinking about leadership, scrutinizing my decisions, and strategizing future actions. I work with my coach, lead workshops, and participate in countless discussions. Only recently have I started crystallizing my thoughts, through this blog. This interview, in its raw form, allowed me to pull out my current perspectives on Culturally Responsive Leadership. As I write more, talk more, and daydream, this picture is becoming clearer.

It will only get clearer.

I am glad I chose to start this journey and I’m curious to see where it leads me and how it can connect leaders across the globe.

Rachel Rosen and S.P.A.R.K.

It was such a blessing to reconnect with my old colleague, 6 years later. Rachel Rosen was one of my mentors and models of leadership when I was just getting started. We had many conversations about Restorative Justice, cultural relevancy, and supporting new teachers. She moved on to become a coach at the National Equity Project. Later, she created the S.P.A.R.K. interactive card game, a fun way to build community. She now works as an leadership coach, equity consultant, and all around bad ass. Check out her work.

I would love to hear what everyone has to say about these topics.

What are your thoughts?

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