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SFUSD Middle School Admin Retreat

Leading for Equity: Anti-Racism, WSC, and Me

June 11th, 2019


Anti-Racist Leaders, it’s time to go deeper than diversity and discuss White Supremacy Culture in our schools. Here you find materials from the workshop and links to other relevant resources.


  1. Make white supremacy culture in our organizations/classrooms more visible
  2. Connect implicit bias to resistance to leading students of color in deeper and rigorous learning
  3. Find ways to infuse culturally responsive teaching and relevancy into deeper learning
  4. Identify resources for deepening understanding and changing practices
  • Relevant Blog Posts

    1. Overview of White Supremacy Culture in Schools
    2. Reflections on exploring White Supremacy Culture at my school
    3. The intersection between Culturally Responsive Teaching and PBL
    4. How Implicit Bias makes people resistant to leading PBL with students of color


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