Workshop Resources 11-02-2019

Good Morning Folks!

Welcome to the movement to dismantle White Supremacy Culture and manifest Anti-Racist schools. Below you will find key documents for our Workshop and links to resources.

Key Documents

Additional Resources

  1. Theoretical FrameworksRacial Equity CultureImplicit Bias and Resistance to PBL
    1. White Fragility 4 Part Blog Series
  2. TeachingCulturally Responsive Teaching and Project-Based Learning
  3. CurriculumPBL, Culturally Responsive Curricula, African American Male Achievement, Ethnic Studies, 
  4. AssessmentStandards Based Grading, Performance Assessment
  5. DisciplineRP and Suspensions
  6. Leadership – Distributed Leadership, Anti-Racism Organization Continuum
  7. Professional DevelopmentAdult Learning Theory, Professional Learning Communities
  8. NormsFrom Safe Space to Brave Space
  9. Staff Discourse – Shifting the Discourse in Schools (D1 & D2), Calling out and Calling in Culture
  10. Books and Confercens24 Anti-Racist Books for Educator18 Equity Conferences

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