Why do we need Culturally Responsive Leadership?

School should be a place, where students wake up early and rush to get to. It should be engaging, welcoming, and prepare students for their future.

Not some students.


They deserve it.

They also deserve culturally responsive leadership!

Low-income students of color especially deserve this, since it has been withheld from them for decades. Oppressed students deserve the tools to liberate themselves. School should be designed for their success.

Put them at the center.

Design experiences for them.

Teachers should be prepared to deliver high-quality and culturally responsive education.

Leaders must know right levers to pull, to support teachers.

The Titanic, that is public education, has gone horribly off course and is on autopilot. This requires a great shift in thinking, teaching, and most importantly leadership.

Culturally responsive leadership works to clear the icebergs, navigate to dry land, and support everyone on the ship. Leaders have the opportunity of infusing innovation and equity into an oppressive system, to steer the ship, and right the course.

Culturally responsive leaders are engineering for equity.

Culturally Responsive Leadership
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