Fall Workshop – Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools

I am excited to offer my 2nd day-long workshop. You can expect deep personal reflection, discussion, and action planning. I’m looking forward to working with another group of anti-racist educators. It’s my hope that we learn from each other and further strategize how to dismantle white supremacy culture in our spaces.

Reflections from our Last Workshop

Read about our last Workshop


I am sure you are tired of talking all around the issue of racism but not going deeper than diversity and cultural competence. We need tools to dismantle white supremacy culture in our classrooms, schools, and districts. In this workshop, participants will build their racial literacy skills and prepare to bring similar work to their contexts. We will use discussions, affinity groupings, and strategic planning to build our skills. As a Middle School Principal, I will also share my reflections, lessons learned, and possible pitfalls when leading this work in schools.


Read my recent article in Education Week about exploring WSC with my staff:


Outcomes of the Workshop

  1. Plan a multi-year approach to Racial Equity inspired school transformation
  2. Become more familiar with 3 frameworks to address WSC
  3. Assessing how WSC is showing up in your work and organization
  4. Identify obstacles to addressing WSC and share best practices
  5. Build community with other folks taking up this deeper work

Target Audience

  • Educators and Leaders
  • Highly effective for groups and teams from an organization
  • Anyone who is interested in going deeper than diversity

Time, Date, Cost, Location

  • San Francisco
  • Time and Date TBD
  • $400 includes materials, breakfast, snacks and lunch

Reservations and Questions

Register below or with this link here: https://forms.gle/KtPEyAkA6yNMKL9EA

Email joetruss@culturallyresponsiveleadership.com for questions

Workshop Location

  • Details coming soon

Background of this Workshop

I have spent the last year using a framework of White Supremacy Culture (from Tema Okun) to explore how to transform schools. I have spent all my years in education, working to address WSC, but I just didn’t call it that. I am sure you have too. I first heard about this text from Jose Garcia, a New Tech Network Coach, and from Kristin Bijur, one of my colleagues in SFUSD, both in the same week.

We used the text to start conversations and frame the work we did together with the group of Superintendent Leadership Fellows from SFUSD. Over the past year, I have engaged various groups at my school, including my teacher leaders, my admin team, and my larger school staff.

In April, I was able to explore this topic with 33 educators, at the Deeper Learning Conference.

Lastly, Ive been working with a group of 20 SFUSD leaders bi-monthly to explore WSC in their schools and share progress.

Basically, its been on my mind and in my work all year. So now it’s time to take it to the next level.

I have never had enough time to truly dig in. I have a feeling that we need 2 days, but we will start with 1 and see if folks want to go deeper and continue this work.

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