100,000 Site Views – Books, Articles, and Workshops (Hot Damn)

100,000 is nothing short of amazing and there’s so much to celebrate. Recent published articles, progress on my book, and a presentation coming to San Diego. Check it here.

You gotta be kidding me. I will admit that I check my website stats, daily, ok, multiple times a day. I figure it’s better than checking sports scores all day or the roller coaster that is the stock market. But I am obsessed with how posts perform, where folks hear about them and trends. As these big milestones approach, I wonder how the hell did this happen? Weekly blogging and daily rants on twitter are a long ways from 100,000 views. It helps when one post (24 Anti Racist Books for Educators) does 10s of 1000s of views. Shit, I will take it. Much love for all my readers and sharers. For those who subscribe, and those who read one post and keep it pushing. Love all yall.


Ok, so what’s new?


2 New Articles Published

This is always fun. I love my blog, but getting to cross post on other sites is so dope. I appreciate being able to reach more viewers and work with new editors and teams. Keeps me tight and clarifies my messages.

  1. 14 Signs Change is Happening at Your School on School Leaders Now
  2. What Happened When My School Started to Dismantle White Supremacy Culture on Education Week     

WSC Workshop is coming to San Diego

I am so juiced that I will be presenting to the High Tech High Staff, at this year’s Equity Deep Dive, in San Diego. If you remember, I gave one of my first out of district presentations at High Tech High’s Deeper Learning 2019 Conference. Folks down at the HTH Graduate School of Education, learned of my work through my article on PBL and Implicit Bias. My workshop was so fun, it inspired me to make it official, like a referee with a whistle. And I blew the whistle on White Supremacy Culture in Schools, in my very own full day training. And now I will be heading back to SD to wreck havoc on WSC, this time with an audience of 60-100 heads. This will be my biggest group yet, and I am so excited. Thanks to the homies at HTH and HTH GSE for fighting to take Truss Leadership and Culturally Responsive Leadership on the road. Check for updates next month.


Started my 5th Year as Principal

Who in the hell thought I would last this long. If you talked to me last year, or read half of anything I wrote, you would have picked up on the obvious sign that I was done, tired, spent. I was looking for anyway off the island, but like the addictive show LOST, “I had to go back to the island.” I was really happy to be returning and honestly as the year has started (2 weeks down) it is feeling like the best year ever. Sure there are crisis and emergencies, but overall it’s beautiful. I really get to sit back and watch others take leadership this eyar. I also get to see the fruits of so many years of our labor. Now that we spend so much time talking about White Supremacy Culture, it’s time to shit or get off the pot. And by shit, I mean be anti-racist and abolitionist teachers. The time is now, and I am so here for it, and still here to see it happen. Feels like I am living through a movement. Lucky.

Leading in the Belly of the Beast Book

I haven’t written about this in a while, not since this post. But, I am still at it. 8,000 seemed like a lot of words, but somehow I reached 10,000 and its time to edit. 20 pages of hot fire. I have been workin on this since the end of 2018, and it is coming to an end.

Here we are at a writing retreat near the Russian River.

So many notes, post its, and google docs! Still got hella revisions to do, and the editors haven’t even seen it yet. I know, I ain’t even done, but I am feeling better. Sometime in 2020, I hope to have a chapter in a published book. How bout that? Here are 2 previews, from Trevor and Eran.

There will plenty of updates, and hopefully some more monthly leader spotlights from Tim, Milton, Gia, and others. Once its published, we will be on a world tour, to spread the word. Book talks, university guest lectures, and conference presentations. Might be coming to a city near you!

Until then, keep engineering for equity and keep pushing for culturally responsive leadership.





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