12 secrets for moving from Teacher to Leader

Culturally responsive leadership is distributed across a school and inclusive. This requires teacher leaders. We need everyone!

It’s time to get involved, take initiative, apply for positions, and plan PD. Not everyone wants to be a school administrator, but students need leaders for equity in all spaces. Whether you want to apply to an admin program or you want to have more influence in the transformation of your school, here are 12 things Teachers and Counselors can do:

  1. Join a Leadership Team
  2. Start a club, coordinate your school’s student government
  3. Attend your School Site Council or ELAC Meetings
  4. Speak up at your staff meetings; Use discourse 2
  5. Share your why and commitment to equity
  6. Be your department chair and look at achievement data; find the gaps
  7. Attend instruction and equity training, workshops, and conferences
  8. Help to create/lead professional development on culturally responsive teaching
  9. Mentor a new teacher through BTSA
  10. Be a part of your school’s interviews and hiring committee
  11. Do an equity audit of your school’s site plan or strategic plan
  12. Be a part of instructional walkthroughs and look for bright-spots

This is a part of engineering for equity, because the entire organization has to be constructed for change. But culturally responsive leaders must make space for more change agents.

Which experience was most useful for your development?

Which do you want to do next?

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