Brief Bio

I am a proud 6th-year middle school principal, a father of a 3-year-old daughter and newborn, and a husband to a High School Teacher. My passion is school transformation using a lens of racial equity. In my hard to find spare time, I like to dabble in hip-hop, basketball, and travel the world. I also love to write.

My Intentions

I want to help you be a radical leader; an engineer for equity. I believe that leaders (second only to incredible teachers) are the key factor in changing the outcomes for students. I am passionate about leadership and social justice. I want to support you to build a bridge between your commitment to equity and your mission of empowering all students.

I want to connect like-minded individuals to harness our collective strength, learn faster together, and empower our schools. This will connect critical pedagogy, change management, and design thinking. I hope that leadership can be your tool for transforming schools, for the benefit of our children.

Detailed Background & Experiences

I am in my sixth year as Principal of a middle school in San Francisco. I bring sixteen years of experience working with public K-12 students, combining teaching, coaching, counseling, curriculum development, and school administration. I have extensive experience working in Title 1 schools serving low-income, immigrant, students of color.

Originally, born and raised in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, I grew up in a single-parent home, after losing my father at the age of five. I attended public schools in San Francisco and found solace in my studies. I later studied the Spanish Language at UC Berkeley in the early 2000s.

I continued my education through the Urban Teacher Training Collaborative and received my Master’s in Teaching from Tufts University, in Boston. I then returned to teach High School Spanish in Oakland. After becoming a lead teacher, with Envision Schools, I returned to pursue an Administrator’s Credential through the UC Berkeley PLI program. There I conducted my Leadership Action Research Project on the effects of Culturally Relevant Curricula in a small urban high school.

I later returned to San Francisco, as a high school Assistant Principal, before becoming the Principal of a middle school. There, I introduced a vision focused on Love, Literacy, and Liberation. I have worked to decrease student referrals, increase performance on the SBAC English Language Arts and double 6th-grade enrollment. During my tenure, I worked to bring in a focus on culturally responsive teaching, project-based learning, and trauma-sensitive practices. I also worked to redesign our master/bell schedule.

In addition to leading school transformation at my school, I was a member of the coordinating committee of an enclave of Social Justice leaders in San Francisco. I have been able to design leadership development for administrators in San Francisco. I have led various workshops, and professional development. These experiences provide me with keen insight into effective tools for school transformation and leadership support.

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