Time to Let Crazy Out of the Bag – Better Leader Better Schools Podcast Interview

How can you attack white supremacy culture?  Why are we are so afraid to talk about race? Why is it so difficult for us to kick start the conversation? Hear answers to these important questions in the Better Leaders Better Schools podcast episode below.

I got to sit down with Daniel Bauer, host of the Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast and the international leadership coach. I first heard his podcast and wondered, how the hell can I get on it. Danny features ruckus makers, and yall know I’m bout stirring shit up. He’s reaching tens of thousands of people, and they needed to hear about how White Supremacy Culture is running rampant through the education system. So I reached out. And he answered. And we talked. And here’s the podcast. Boom.


Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast Interview


Key Milestones of the Episodes

[07:06] My introduction

 [08:56] The catalyst to pursue white supremacy

 [11:20] First attempt to fighting racism

 [12:03] How to get back after defeat

[17:54] Implementing change and learning

[20:20] Is school an exercise of power hoarding?

[25:51] The great release and a sneak peek into the future.


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Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

San Francisco, California

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