Facebook Live Interview – What is Culturally Responsive Leadership?

This week I was lucky enough to talk about my thoughts on Culturally Responsive Leadership in an interview with Rachel Rosen. It was recorded live and uncut. We discussed¬†PBL, equity, and finding the bright spots. Find out what I’d like to build a pile of and set on on fire.¬†If you’d like a glimpse into my mind check out the full interview!

Video Interview

We talked about:

Reflections on the Interview

I have spent so much time thinking about leadership, scrutinizing my decisions, and strategizing future actions. I work with my coach, lead workshops, and participate in countless discussions. Only recently have I started crystallizing my thoughts, through this blog. This interview, in its raw form, allowed me to pull out my current perspectives on Culturally Responsive Leadership. As I write more, talk more, and daydream, this picture is becoming clearer.

It will only get clearer.

I am glad I chose to start this journey and I’m curious to see where it leads me and how it can connect leaders across the globe.

Rachel Rosen and S.P.A.R.K.

It was such a blessing to reconnect with my old colleague, 6 years later. Rachel Rosen was one of my mentors and models of leadership when I was just getting started. We had many conversations about Restorative Justice, cultural relevancy, and supporting new teachers. She moved on to become a coach at the National Equity Project. Later, she created the S.P.A.R.K. interactive card game, a fun way to build community. She now works as an leadership coach, equity consultant, and all around bad ass. Check out her work.

I would love to hear what everyone has to say about these topics.

What are your thoughts?

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