This work is too damn hard to do alone. Let’s work together to create anti-racist schools. If you are interested in better working towards racial equity, explore my workshops or services. I have delivered professional development services, presentations, and keynotes to over 12,000 educators from 10 countries, including the US. Learn more below.

Past Trainings:


Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools (June 2020)(July 2020)(October 2020)(March 2021)
Teach Like a Human Pt. 1 (August 2020)
Unpacking Whiteness Institute (August 2020)
Aint’ Nothing Micro About Microaggressions (September 2020)(January 2021)
Teach Like a Human Pt. 2 (November 2020)
Racial Affinity Groups (December 2020)
Teach Like a Human Pt. 3 (February 2021)

Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools Conference (June 2021)

Upcoming Trainings:


Racial Affinity Groups in Schools
Why do we need racial affinity? What do they look, sound, and feel like?
July 31st (Register here)

2021-2022 Year-Long Courses

Course Catalog

  1. Antiracist Teaching (will now be asynchronous, starting in September)
  2. Antiracist Leadership (10 more spots)
  3. Racial Affinity Support Series (follow up to kick off May training)
  4. Racial Equity Leadership Team Institute (spots for 2 more teams)

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Topics of Expertise

  • Antiracist Teaching and Leadership
  • Racial Equity Multi-Year Strategic Planning
  • Change Management and School Transformation
  • Adult Culture Shifts
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Exploring White Supremacy Culture in Educational, Non-Profit, and Business settings

Signature Service – Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools Workshop

Available Services

  1. Full-day Workshops
    1. White Supremacy Culture in Schools
    2. Anti-Racist Adult Learning Spaces
    3. Culturally Responsive Teaching
    4. Antiracist Project Based Learning
  2. Onsite training for your School, District, or Organization
  3. Team Support/Facilitation, Real-Time Coaching
  4. Antiracist Conversations and Interrupting Microaggressions/Racist Comments
  5. 1 on 1 Leadership Coaching
  6. Implicit Bias Training
  7. Racial Affinity Group support

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Previous/Current Clients

  • Tahoe Expeditionary Academy
  • Promise Schools, Jalen Rose Leadership Academy
  • Credo High School
  • Winton Woods City School District
  • Burlington Public School
  • Greece Central School District
  • Alameda Unified School District
  • Montessori Learning Environments
  • Waterloo Region District School Board
  • Kodiak Island Borough School District
  • High Tech High
  • Balboa High School
  • Mills High School
  • Bayshore School
  • Seneca Family of Agencies
  • Glassbrook Elementary Schools, Hayward Unified School District
  • Adopt a Classroom
  • Jane Adams Middle School
  • Oak Heights Elementary School
  • Palo Alto Unified School District
  • Jones College Prep
  • Stowe Elementary School
  • Ravenswood City School District
  • Amherst Regional Public Schools
  • Ida B Wells High School, Portland Public Schools
  • Hartsbrook Waldorf School
  • Snowden International School, Boston Public Schools
  • Montgomery Public Schools
  • Boston Arts Academy
  • The Learning Center
  • San Rafael High School
  • Ithaca City School District
  • Brentano Elementary School
  • Palo Freire Freedom School
  • Consolidated School District of New Britain
  • Classroom Inc.
  • Genesee Hill Elementary School
  • West Oakland Middle School
  • Marina Middle School
  • Moore Middle School, Jeffco Public Schools
  • Bend-La Pine Schools
  • Clark College Nursing
  • Vancouver School Board
  • Graded School
  • North Clackamas School District
  • San Mateo County of Education
  • North Colonie School District
  • Portland Public Schools
  • Sarah Greenwood School
  • Castilleja School
  • Bethlehem Area School District
  • Carlthorp School
  • Glacier Middle School