This work is too damn hard to do alone. Let’s work together to create anti-racist schools. If you are interested in better working towards racial equity, explore my workshops or services. I have delivered professional development services, presentations, and keynotes to over 12,000 educators from 10 countries, including the US. Learn more below.

Past Trainings:

Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools (June 2020)(July 2020)(October 2020)(March 2021)
Teach Like a Human Pt. 1 (August 2020)
Unpacking Whiteness Institute (August 2020)
Aint’ Nothing Micro About Microaggressions (September 2020)(January 2021)
Teach Like a Human Pt. 2 (November 2020)
Racial Affinity Groups (December 2020) (May 2021, July 2021)
Teach Like a Human Pt. 3 (February 2021)

Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools Weeklong Conference (June 2021)

Upcoming Trainings:

  • Sept. 25th – Interrupting Microaggressions
  • Oct. 16th and 23rd – Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools
  • Nov. 6th and 13th – Antiracist PBL Pt 1 (Curriculum and Planning)
  • Dec. 4th – The Role of the White Antiracist
  • Jan. 22nd – Antiracist Hiring and Retaining BIPOC staff
  • Feb. 12th and 19th – Antiracist PBL Pt 2 (Bell Schedules and PD)
  • Mar. 19th – Dealing with Resistance and Organizing for Change
  • April 9th – Starting a Racial Equity Leadership Teams
  • May 7th and 14th – Racial Affinity Groups

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2021-2022 Year-Long Courses

Course Catalog

  1. Antiracist Teaching (OPEN)
  2. Antiracist Leadership (full)
  3. Racial Affinity Support Series (full)
  4. Racial Equity Leadership Team Institute (full)

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Topics of Expertise

  • Antiracist Teaching and Leadership
  • Facilitating Racial Affinity space for White, Multiracial, and BIPOC groups
  • Racial Equity Multi-Year Strategic Planning
  • Change Management and School Transformation
  • Adult Culture Shifts
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Exploring White Supremacy Culture in Educational, Non-Profit, and Business settings

Signature Service – Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools Workshop

Available Services

  1. Full-day Workshops
    1. White Supremacy Culture in Schools
    2. Anti-Racist Adult Learning Spaces
    3. Culturally Responsive Teaching
    4. Antiracist Project Based Learning
  2. Onsite training for your School, District, or Organization
  3. Team Support/Facilitation, Real-Time Coaching
  4. Antiracist Conversations and Interrupting Microaggressions/Racist Comments
  5. 1 on 1 Leadership Coaching
  6. Implicit Bias Training
  7. Racial Affinity Group support

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Previous/Current Clients

  • Administrators of Hayward Unified School District
  • Tahoe Expeditionary Academy
  • San Mateo Union High School District
  • Livingston Elementary School, New Brunswick
  • Laurel School, Menlo Park
  • Promise Schools, Jalen Rose Leadership Academy
  • Credo High School
  • Winton Woods City School District
  • Burlington Public School
  • Greece Central School District
  • Alameda Unified School District
  • Montessori Learning Environments
  • Waterloo Region District School Board
  • Kodiak Island Borough School District
  • High Tech High
  • Vancouver School Board
  • Balboa High School
  • Mills High School
  • Bayshore School
  • Seneca Family of Agencies
  • Glassbrook Elementary Schools, Hayward Unified School District
  • Adopt a Classroom
  • Jane Adams Middle School
  • Oak Heights Elementary School
  • Palo Alto Unified School District
  • Jones College Prep
  • Stowe Elementary School
  • Ravenswood City School District
  • Amherst Regional Public Schools
  • Ida B Wells High School, Portland Public Schools
  • Hartsbrook Waldorf School
  • Snowden International School, Boston Public Schools
  • Montgomery Public Schools
  • Boston Arts Academy
  • The Learning Center
  • San Rafael High School
  • Ithaca City School District
  • Brentano Elementary School
  • Palo Freire Freedom School
  • Consolidated School District of New Britain
  • Classroom Inc.
  • Genesee Hill Elementary School
  • West Oakland Middle School
  • Marina Middle School
  • Moore Middle School, Jeffco Public Schools
  • Bend-La Pine Schools
  • Aurora School
  • Homestead High, Cupertino
  • McKinley Elementary School
  • Livingston Elementary School
  • Clark College Nursing
  • Vancouver School Board
  • Graded School
  • North Clackamas School District
  • San Mateo County of Education
  • North Colonie School District
  • Portland Public Schools
  • Sarah Greenwood School
  • Castilleja School
  • Bethlehem Area School District
  • Carlthorp School
  • The New Teacher Center
  • Oregon City School District
  • Illinois Digital Educator Association
  • Glacier Middle School